Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So it was naptime and I was being quiet as a little mouse when I looked over on the couch and spied this. What I don't quite understand is how Ming the Merciless manages to trick me with her "carry me down the stairs, Daddy, you know it hurts my poor paws" routine, even though I see her climb up onto the back of the couch. I guess I'm just gullible.

I am not gullible enough for the politician types, though. I am still bemused how the Democrats are trying to criminalize what was done after 9/11 to prevent the next attack. Now they're saying that it was all that dastardly Bush Administration and we're gonna get even with them!

Sorry, I was home the morning of 9/11. I was on a shooting, hunting and handloading Bulletin Board website when someone popped up with turn on the TV! So I did. One of the things I saw was the stampede down the steps of the Capitol Building.

Now I'm pretty old but I remember the fire drills in Kindergarten. Maybe I only remember because I had to walk out into the playground holding hands with a pretty little redhead but I remember how we had to walk, calmly. We were never told if it was a drill or the real thing, came in handy the day there was a real fire. It was just a small thing, electrical if I recall, but smokey. In that whole school, K-5, there was no panic, we all walked out to the playground and then got to watch the big red fire trucks.

Unlike Congresscritters and their staffers. Remember? Remember the panic over Anthrax in the mail? Linda Lou sure does. Oddly, that panic was all in the political/media class. Linda Lou went to work every day at the main post office but the politicians shut down.

With all that panic we are now told to believe that it was just the Bush Administration treating suspected Jihadis mean. Right. I've got some oceanfront property in northeast Texas, too. I will gladly sell my half acre for the bargain price of five million dollars, too.

So the "torture" was all Bush now. I'm supposed to believe that those panicky congresscritters wouldn't have approved grabbing Jihadi's gonads with red hot pincers? Riiight!

This is why the Donks can't get any real traction on this. All but the diehard leftists have memories. As an aside, it must be nice to have no memory. To be able to say it's never worked anywhere it's ever been tried but it will work now because we have smart people like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in charge, all led by the super genius Obama. (What job has Obama had before that proves his competence? Oh, right, because the community he organized is now so wealthy and healthy.) Though the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) try their best to throw all that down the memory hole, as well as those brothers and sisters of ours jumping out of those burning buildings, we remember.

It seems everyone but Washington remembers. The Washington/New York Republicans can't seem to remember what happens when grassroots Republicans don't man phone banks, when we don't walk precincts. When we sit home on a November Tuesday. Two elections in a row and the big deal "leaders" of the Party can't figure it out. No, Steele, you don't need new grassroots. No, Cornyn, you don't endorse the RINO a whole year before the Florida Primary.

The Republican Party lost big business some time back. Oddly, about the time big business started losing money and shipping jobs overseas. This has much to do with how we lost the education establishment a few decades back and started graduating MBA types who can't walk and chew bubblegum at the same time.

What we have left are main street businesses and the religious right, along with very few libertarians. So, naturally the Republican "leaders" are jettisoning the people who actually did the walking the precincts and manned the phone banks. Hint: It wasn't the libertarians. I keep reading folks like Professor Reynolds, I have never read of him doing any actual work during an election. This is not a big indictment, it's just who walks precincts and works those phone banks. But the Republican "leadership" thinks we need new grass roots.

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