Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scattershooting While Wondering Who Put The Bop In The Bop-Shu-Bopapop.

Am I the only one left that remembers that song from the '50s?

How often do I need to thank Blackie Sherrod for using the "Scattershooting While..." to keep it from becoming a very small scale plagiarism? I wonder about the same thing on the name of my Blog, of course. I do not know if I saw Duke Venturino's column in Handloader Magazine before or after I started my Blog. Or is it just a case of great minds thinking alike? I like the great minds theory.

I had my weekly ration of eggs and bacon this morning. I am kind of curious about this mania among health professionals about fat and cholesterol. During the 19th Century, and before, a big problem men and women had was keeping enough fat in their diets, especially in winter in cold climates. In the old diaries I constantly see references to killing a fall bear so they would get enough fat. Now I wonder, was it because nobody knew about cholesterol or because the men of that time burned off more calories by having to spend more time in the cold and having to work so much harder.

This last paragraph also makes me wonder about modern folks complaining about how they are so overstress. Few of us work twelve hour days anymore, coupled with then we don't have to go home and chop wood for the stove, carry water from the well or the pump. We have hot water heaters and vacuum cleaners. Washing machines. We don't have to clean the horse manure out of the stable. We buy milk instead of milking the cow. We don't have to shop every day, we have refrigerators and freezers. Those who can at home or sew, do it because it's their part time hobby. Sometimes I want to slap someone who complains about sitting at a desk for eight hours and then have to drive home for a half hour.

Oh, speaking of bacon and eggs, I wonder how much bacon grease I'd have to add to my bullet lube to automatically send any stray Jihadi types directly to the hot place with no virgins?

So I'm deciding whether to minimize this and get offline and watch an old movie or to take a nap. Decisions, decisions. Or maybe a movie and then a nap. Or maybe no nap today and go to bed "early" so I can get up at 10 AM or so. I've fallen into the bad habit of sleeping until noon or one PM. Then I miss half, or more, of Rush. Since I don't watch the news and have let my newspapers go, that and the Internet are my only sources of news. Maybe it's just that even with Rush and the intertubes, I'm run down with Obama fatigue. And we thought Clinton was a Presidency all about himself.

I have decided to blow off Facebook. There aren't enough words before they cut me off to tell a story.

I am hoping that it will stay dry enough tomorrow to fly the flag. Also, to get the Coca Cola 600 in. But mainly to fly the flag.

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