Sunday, February 01, 2009

I Am Losing My Mind

Saturday was the Cowboy Action Shoot. The weather was supposed to be nice so I set my alarm and went to bed way earlier than normal. The alarm went off I got up, had a cup of coffee and started getting ready for the shoot. I gain two more pounds and I'm going to need new pants.

So, I got dressed and started gathering my gear, that when I discovered that I only had ninety rounds of black powder ammo loaded. Now I haven't been to a shoot since last spring. I load my own ammo. I have thirteen or fourteen pounds of BP left from my last shipment. With the Hazardous Material Fee at twenty dollars per shipment, whether that shipment is one pound or fifty, I buy my powder in large amounts.

So, with the exception of a couple of months when my arm was totally useless, I could have loaded up plenty of ammo, instead I looked at all those boxes and thought I had plenty of ammo. Idiot. So now I have to load up a few hundred rounds, and cast a few thousand bullets. Oh well, it gives me something to do while I listen to Rush. It's amazing how much ammo can be loaded or bullets cast, during a three hour radio show. What is more amazing is that in all these months I never counted my SASS legal ammo.

These problems, of course, are as nothing to what the folks in the Mid-America deep freeze are facing. I hope this warm weather we have had in the last couple-three days is heading that way. I might be concerned with mundane things but I am not serving hundred+ dollar a pound steak with my thermostat up high, either. It must be hard to be in the media. Reagan was savaged in the media for fancy food. Then George W. Bush ridiculed for his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Barky has a super bowl party and Bush was nearly lynched for having a slice of birthday cake during Katrina.

I guess I should look to see who won that game.

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