Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey, Holder!

So I read that the Attorney General of the United States says that America is a nation of cowards with regards to race. Actually, I'd say the cowards are people like Holder who do their best to keep people from talking about the true reasons that race is still a problem.

What happens when someone mentions that there is no small amount of trouble caused by some seventy-odd percent of black babies being born out of wedlock.. Hint: Damned few of those babies have white fathers.

I keep reading about hate crimes when the reality is if it were not for black and Hispanic murderers blacks would die of old age.

Sorry, Holder, there are cowards when it comes to talking about race in America, it starts with you. You, Holder, try to shout down anyone who tries to speak. That, sir, is the mark of cowardice.

Oh, and Holder...The Marc Rich pardon wasn't a scandal because of the Jews. The Rich pardon was a scandal because you and your boss were crooks.

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