Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Continuing Criminal Enterprise

Does Barack Obama even know someone who isn't a tax cheat or thug? His cabinet choices look like a crowd that doesn't quite have what it takes to get into the Mafia so they just hang around the edges.

I didn't much listen to Barky during the campaign, I like to use my increasing deafness as an excuse but truth is, I'm just tired of pencil necked punks telling me I'm not smart enough to manage my life so I pretend I can't hear them. Still, I seem to remember him complaining about the lack of ethics of the Bush Administration. Barky wouldn't know ethics if he was bit on the ass by an ethical alligator.

Two major appointments crash and burn in one day. How many waivers for his super-duper no lobbyist rule so far? Change we can believe in.

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