Friday, February 06, 2009

Dear Barack

I don't think you know how hard the Congress worked to put the Military Tribunals together, you being too important to do your job in the Senate. The Military Tribunals are required because the United States Constitution, as interpreted by lawyers, says that the accused can call witnesses and see all the evidence. Since most of the scumbags in Gitmo are there because of the efforts of special forces troops or members of the clandestine services having them testify in open court is a non starter. You, as a teacher of constitutional law, should know that. Demanding that these men show up in open court is a death sentence for their families. Worse, sir, you know this.

Now I realize that you have never held a job before where you were responsible for anything, perhaps you might have thought of this before, but you are now responsible for the defense of the United States of America, and her citizens, some of whom were killed in the attack on the Cole. The wives, parents and brothers and sisters of those are watching you and will hold you responsible. So will the families of others killed in other attacks and, even more, the families of the next attacks. We ordinary Americans do not have Secret Service protecting our children. That does not mean we don't love them.

With your threats to close down missile defense while Iran is bragging about how soon they'll have nukes, and just after they put a satellite up so seem to have some kind of suicidal wish. Well, that's fine with me, I'm not really big on making people live when they don't want to. Thing is, Barack, you are not supposed to take my grandchildren with you.

I understand that you owe much to George Soros but you did take an oath, before God and the nation. There are a lot more of us than there is of Soros. We might just be a little rowdier when aroused, too.

Notice, sir, that I am not accusing you of being a secret Muslim. I am assuming that if you wanted to be the President of Scumbagistan you would have gone there and run. You might just consider what will happen if three hundred million angry Americans start chasing you down the streets.

Love, Peter.

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