Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ain't No Cure

Well, we're in high summer now, we are actually getting hundred degree days out here sometimes, in the big city-blob that is the DFW Metroplex, every day. Please don't blame global warming for this, we had these temps when the nutbags were screeching about the coming ice age. The man made climate change idiots still have not explained the vineyards and farms buried under Greenland's glaciers. It must have been Leif Ericsson's SUV. Or the coal fired electric plants that covered the Earth in 1400 AD.

Meanwhile Algore's Lincoln Town Car Limo sits outside the "all you peasants quit using fossil fuels sppech", idling to keep the air conditioner going for the wife and daughter. Thank you Algore. It costs eighty dollars to fill up the tank on our asexual grandparentmobile (thanks, Bou!) but Algore takes two limos and an SUV to lecture me about saving gas. You may insert the long string of invectives here.

I simply am unable to understand these "scientists" being unable to understand that we have been cycling through changes in the climate since before humans learned to walk upright. I mean if I, who got his education, such as it is, courtesy of the Public Library can see this, why can't they? Nor can I understand why politicians have jumped on this bandwagon. This nonsense is destroying our economy. What do Hairy Reid and SanFran Nan think the great unwashed will do when we've lost our homes and jobs and none of those dire predictions have come true? Rope, lamp post, politician. Some assembly required. Can these morons not see that?

I was wandering teh intertubes and saw where Obambi is now going to give his big Berlin speech at the Seigessaule Monument. This thing was built to commemorate the German victories over American allies, Denmark, Austria and France, then moved and made bigger by Adolf Hitler.

I realise that Obambi badly needs to visit with foreign leaders, his foreign policy chops are sadly lacking, I do not understand why he needs to make speeches to huge crowds of people who cannot vote. I don't really think that American voters will be enthused by someone who can get thousands of Germans wetting their pants at once. My father's generation went through that, it turned out rather badly for tens of millions as I recall. Someone should tell Obambi to stay away from Nazi sites. He COULD have scheduled his speech at the Berlin Airlift Monument, a real symbol of American-German friendship. That would have put too much empathise on people who actually have done something in their lives I suppose.

What about Obambi's new civilian national defense corps? Let's see, I keep my Model '92 Winchester clone loaded and ready here at home. I bring it back from a Cowboy Action Shoot and clean the black powder residue off, adjust the sights and load it with my hot smokeless powder, jacketed hollowpoint ammo. So, everything I can see within two hundred odd yards from me is in my control* if it comes to that. Given Obambi's record I am not sure that is what he means, though.

If anyone cares my physical therapy is progressing. I am starting on the strength exercises, as well as the range of motion exercises, now. I am amazed at how weak I've become. I keep having to remind myself that I am no longer nineteen years old.

* Or will be back in my control when my shoulder heals the rest of the way.

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