Thursday, July 10, 2008

Teapots, Torture and Lazy Pugs

I started work with the physical terrorists this week. Three days a week for the next couple of months, plus home exercises. For now I'm spending about an hour and a half, that should increase as the muscles that got cut up heal. Today I'm still only doing range of motion exercises, eventually I'll be going to the strength ones, too. I'm hoping to get back to shooting cowboy action matches by late September or early October.

The work with the PT folks is mostly just boring. They try their best to avoid pain, the only thing is that there is an ache involved afterwards. Ah well, I'm done until Monday so that should fade.

I finally got my teapot, an original Brown Betty. They come in two, four, six and eight cup versions, I chose the six cup in the original brown color. Or, since it's British, colour. I had read some revies and it seems that the eight cup model tends to chip because it is so heavy when full. People tend to bonk it around.

Anyhow, the thing works as advertised, they claim that the shape makes the water swirl around, helping to steep the tea. I must say that I use less tea for the same amount of water to get the same strength. This versus the teabags in the Mister Coffee.

While I was taking those pics I took a couple of pitures of the world's laziest Pug, Eddie. When he was a puppy he like to be rocket dog. Now he seldom runs.

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