Thursday, July 03, 2008


It was hot so the dogs got their bones inside. Funny, though, we have yet to hit one hundred degrees F out here this year. I understand Dallas has had a couple of hundred degree days but that is to be expected. All that concrete and asphalt plus a bazillion air conditioners spewing out heat. Thousands of cars stuck in traffic because the Democrats hate roads.

At any rate we usually get into the triple digits in late May or early June. Here it is July. Algore must be flying over in his private jet every day or so, everyplace he goes to warn against global warming gets cold weather, maybe his flyinf over cools things down, too.

Anyhow, the dogs can't read a thermometer, once it's over ninety or so, they want in.

Over the weekend I'll be working on a longish post about today versus the WW2 generation and whether we can actually win a wholesale war.

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