Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I was talking with my political advisors, Ming the Merciless, Eddie T. Dog and Cochise' Apache Princess and asking about the NYT story about McCain. All three asked what could I expect. McCain was the media darling when he was attacking Bush. Now that Bush is not going to be the nominee again and the media has successfully driven the conservatives out of the race they are reverting to form.

So, Republicans, how does it feel to know that you have let the New York Times pick your nominee? Did you really think the Times would stick with him? Oh, and Republicans? You can stop with the idea that I owe you my vote.You have been retreating from conservatism sine the '94 elections. You have been voting liberal ever since and trying to keep us is line by threatening us with liberals if we didn't vote for you. Understand this, Republicans, I owe you nothing. The campaign slogan of "we will not stab you in the back as deep as the Democrats!" does not inspire me.

In other news the dogs have created a Democrat voter. If you look carefully at the pictures you will see them with a Froggie. Well, they have ripped him open and removed all the stuffing from his head. As soon as Froggie's head was completely empty he quit saying "ribbit" when we pushed his little button and started saying "Obama".

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