Friday, February 22, 2008

Obambi's Dream World

Now it has been almost forty years since I took off Uncle's suit but there is something about Barry O's latest story that rings way false. He alleges that a now Captain, then Lieutenant, had most of his platoon rotated out before they went to Afghanistan and that , once there, they had to scrounge AKs and other Taliban weapons to fight.

Understand that this is the Army so they might have done some stupid things (although I am not supposed to insult the Army 'til the war is over, per orders from Linda Lou) but I doubt that even the Army would try to use a Kalashnikov in a firefight. The 7.62x39 has a very distinctive sound, far different than our 5.56 mm. There is also the little matter of green tracers instead of our red.

Even if my whole platoon knew that some of us were using captured weapons what would happen if the doo-doo got really deep and another outfit came to rescue us, or we needed Apache gunships? Just what would those rotorheads do if they came upon a firefight and saw green tracers coming from a position?

I don't know about now but in my day they'd light it up.

The only people I know of that used captured weapons were some of the Sneaky Petes, those boys in the Girl Scout Hats who would sometimes use them to sow a little confusion into the ranks of the Little People.

I could be wrong here, again my experience is rather old. I would, though, want names and duty stations of those telling me different. Otherwise this sounds too much like those "friends" that Dick Gephardt used to have.

I do not understand why the frontrunner of a major political party cannot find an old snuffy to vet the speeches.

Update: Just in case one is a literalist...There were no Apache gunships when I was in. My branch didn't even have Hueys, much less Cobras. Not that we weren't pleased to be where the Army helos work close enough to lend a hand when needed. Our birds still used piston engines, mostly, and our pilots didn't like to get too close to the loud noises. For good reason, it was like trying to fight a fire while wearing gasoline underwear.

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