Sunday, February 17, 2008

Exciting Finish

So, you watch the Daytona 500? I don't write much about NASCAR, if you understand the sport you don't need me to tell you about it and if you don't understand it nothing I say will do much good.

I am really glad to see Ryan Newman take the checkered flag, it's been a very long time. The Ryan Newman fans aren't like the Junior Nation, I don't know of may people who would have to worry about what to do with old tatoos if Ryan changed numbers. Still, he is a genuine nice guy. We don't see it much because he isn't always on camera but one could hurt himself laughing around him.

And Newman has used his engineering degree, too. Not many folks know more about making a car go fast than him. It was also a real pleasure seeing his team mate, Kurt Busch, matching bumpers and pushing him to the front like that. Busch, one of the sport's bad boys, acted like he might finally be growing up. That, too, would be pleasing. Kurt has so much talent, if he ever gets the maturity to go with it, watch out.

Anyway, almost everyone should be pleased, Junior Nation ought to be happy, Dale Jr.had a good finish, probably would have been better but for the miscommunication that left the 88 out on older tires.

About the only folks unhappy would be the Hendricks Motorsports fans. That team didn't do very well, just mostly bad luck it looked like.

Anyhow it ought to be an exciting year.

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