Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snow In Baghdad

So we got snow in Baghdad, that has to be absolute proof of glow-ball warming. Any kind of weather at all is proof of glow-ball warming. Because there is a CONSENSUS among SCIENTISTS! Never mind that every thing they have predicted hasn't happened. Never mind that the ones screeching the loudest that I must change my life haven't changed their own. It's a consensus.

Speaking of snow in Baghdad, it seems that those Iranian EFP bombs are blowing up more often again. I wish I could visualise the terrain over there. Since about ten minutes after the invasion was over we've had nothing but trouble coming in over the borders from Iran and Syria and it seems that our entire policy was let the bad guys in, let them bring whatever they wanted with them, and then have most of our troops go out and be targets.

Now I am no great military strategist, I am a one hitch EM from forty years ago. Still, even I know how to set up an L shaped ambush. I do not understand why or how we let all these clowns into the country over there, I do not understand how they manage to smuggle this stuff in.

Are the borders over there so covered in jungle that the bad guys sneak in under the triple canopy? Are the borders all crowded cities where they just lose themselves in crowds? Or is the military forbidden to control those borders because the Washington politicians are afraid we'll then want our borders enforced?

There is something seriously wrong. We do not have much, if any, more time to get it right. I have supported our work over there since 2003, not because I trust Washington but because our troops keep reenlisting. If the military situation was as bad as the Daily Koz types say, Sgt. Hook, Greyhawk and AWTM's husband would all be civilians by now. Those folks aren't stupid and, even though they are all married men, can't ALL want to die. I knew my war was being lost because we were losing so many men after their second or third hitches, after the second hitch you're half way to the twenty year pension.

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