Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CAP Has Her Birthday Party!

So yesterday was Cochise' Apache Princess first bithday. Odder than that, I remembered it. Well, Linda Lou had it on the calender. Anyhow a doggie birthday party was in order.

Now I have it on good authority that sweets aren't really good for dogs so I needed something different for a cake. How about corn meal muffins? With bacon and cheese? Dogs like bacon and cheese, I think I read that somewhere. So I fried up four slices of bacon and made a batch of muffin batter, the box kind. Jiffy. Oh and I made a box of Jiffy rasberry muffins for us, too. A pretty good cheap snack, one egg, one quarter cup of milk and a fifty cent box of muffin mix. Even better, I bought a bazillion Christmas cupcake and muffin cups for half price the day after Christmas, for half price.

Back to the dogs, though.I fried the bacon up, good and set it on the paper towels, mixed the muffin mix and then broke the bacon up amd stirred it into the mix, then grabbed a large handfull of sharp chedder shredded cheese and stirred it in, too. The two Pugs got caught in a cheese storm when grated cheese fell from the sky on their poor defenseless heads. They licked franticly to keep from being buried. They got away with it but will probably have nightmares for years.

So, in to the oven and fifteen minutes later, muffins, too hot to eat. I was going to frost them with liverwurst, actually Braunshweiger. I decided not to, this roll I got was a lot is real "hard". Trying to spread it would have been difficult, also I probably would have been killed trying to get down the steps.

So the eating part of the party lasted about five minutes, dogs are not much to savor every bite.
Now Eddie knows what to do with a mixing bowl.

So I finally got the muffins down the steps and the feeding frenzy, er, party began. We were unable to sing Happy Birthday, the German Shepherd seems to be crossed with Kanagroo.

She would jump up to try to get the muffins off the plate. Then she ate each muffin in two bites, The she tried to snatch what was left from the Pugs. Oh, my!

Then the party was over. The next party will be in celebration of McCain losing this next batch of primaries.

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