Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eddie Says It's Down To Mitt

Well, Edward T. Dog is rather unhappy that Fred is out.

He has surveyed the rest of the candidates and finds something missing in each.

What he finally decided was to gaze to the days of J. Edgar Hoover. Now in his day, he would put a lot of Irish Catholics and Mormons into the FBI. Both of those groups hated Commies so much that they were safer bets in the fight against the Soviets.

Cochise's Apache Princess isn't all that into politics but she is hoping that McCain shows up. Her teeth are right at crotch level.
In other news, Linda Lou's first Social Security chex showed up. Oh, the "X" is because there is a letter button on this computer *eyboard that just quit wor*ing. We are just about as bro*e as ever but we paid the property taxes and a mess of overdue bills. We still have some bills left but we're getting there. By March we should be all caught up.

Update: I switched keyboards to an old one we had around. Then I pulled the K key out and discovered the problem. I was clipping CAP's claws amd a clw tip hit the keyboard and slipped under the K key. I can now write anything I want about Robert Byrd (Dem KKK). Too bad I don't want to. Oh well, CAP's teeth are right at crotch level if HE shows up here, too.

Another Update: I ought to explain Eddie's thinking about Mitt. I'm not at all sure about that religion. It's seems rather outlandish to me, perhaps to others. After all, it may seem odd to walk through Nebraska with all your earthly possessions in a wheelbarrow but they sure did it.

But then most religions seem weird to outsiders, Mitt doesn't seem to bother anyone else with his religion and all during his time as Governor I never heard of him going after coffee drinkers or somebody enjoying a beer. Now the Democrats...

The main thing is that Mormons, being a minority religion, are used to enjoying their rights and seem to respect the rights of others. I have stopped in a couple small towns in Utah while traveling and even in a cafe run by Mormons I never had trouble getting a cup of coffee or Linda Lou her diet soda.

So, Eddie and I agree that, of all tie crowd running, Romney would do the least damage. Durn shame that we are forced into voting for least damaging but there you are.

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