Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Every Day A New Adventure

A big day yesterday, my Doctor appointment. So I drove in to town, a suburb of Dallas, to see my GP Doc. Oh, when did a GP Doc change into a family practice Doc? Oh well, anyway I got there for my appointment only to find that my Doc had moved on and I had a new Doc. An odd thing was that this new Doc looked down my throat instead of feeling it from the other end. Nice change. Anyhow my official blood pressure is 110 over 80. Fresh prescriptions for the same old pills, drew blood for the usual tests, and I'm out of there.

Then came another adventure, I have a Pard that works in the family scrapyard, excuse me, metal recycling center, and I drove down there for fifty-some pounds of scrap plumber's lead. It cost me a hundred rounds of handloaded ammo. I could had have a hundred pounds, I'll pick up the other fifty pounds another day. Now I can cast bullets. It's nice having gasoline.

This morning's big adventure was digging out the fire ant nest that was built in the hole where the water meter lives. We have a leak in the plumbing of the new water heater, I get to fix that. The fun part is that to get the door off (the water heater is set in a door outside the house) I need the stepladder. So now I have to leave the water off for a few days so the ground dries off.

Oh well, I've done this before, I turn the water on twice a day, flush the toilets and refill the jugs, etc. The good news is that it's real windy today and the next couple days. This should dry the ground out sooner. I like that, Cochise' Apache Princess turns in to a mud monster every time there is a cloud in Oklahoma. Then we have to towel her off when she comes in the house. That is a battle worth the skills of Bobby Lee or Georgie Patton. And seeing as how I'm a country boy that hates shoes I always end up with the gigantic mud monster standing on my feet. With claws she inherited from her grizzly bear ancestors.

In other news I'm really enjoying watching the Clintons, who always claimed that Republicans are the biggest threat to civil rights ever, acting just like the Democrats of my youth. I keep hoping that black Americans will look at what Democrats have actually done for them, instead of what they say. Back in the sixties the Donks fought to keep blacks in the back of the bus. Due to solid work by the Donks the blacks can ride in any seat on the bus they want, they just get shot at the bus stop. The blacks should thank the Donks.Remember James Byrd? Now the Donks claim that a hate crimes law would have done something. The Republicans just gave two of those peckerwoods the death penalty. The one that rolled over got life without parole. Now the Donks are trying to abolish the death penalty. But it's all our fault, so say the Donks.

Someday black Americans will notice that the Democrats are still the Party of segregation. They just let a few house slaves sit at the feet of the white masters. The Dems let blacks have token cabinet posts, how come it was Republicans who put blacks in jobs like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Sec. State? Democrats talk, Republicans do.

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