Saturday, January 05, 2008


Can we please find someone to defeat Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the Primaries the next time she is up for election? It's time for her to go, after she killed the border fence. We elected her to the Senate in 2006, we gave a clear mandate that we want the border secure and she goes and pulls this.

Why did I bother to vote Republican? Our jobs are taken away by illegals, our people are killed on the roads by uninsured illegals, illegal immigrant gangs are making our cities unlivable and these creatures we send to Washington ignore us. What does it take? I do not care that upper middle class working women want cheap nannies. I do not care that the Chamber of Commerce types want cheap labor, you can hardly find a US citizen on a construction site anymore and housing costs go up while the quality of the homes goes down.

We have begged Washington to secure the borders, one of the constitutionally mandated duties of the Federal Government. Instead the Feds are messing around with mileage requirements for the auto fleet. Excuse me but I have read the Constitution. It is silent on automobile mileage but loud in it's requirements to defend America.

Can you Washington idiots please quit farting around and build the effing fence? Yes. Build the fence, we'll worry about what to do about the illegals already here when you stop the invasion. Build the fence!

Can someone in Washington put a bill up to build the fence and have it come up before the election and then we can vote against everyone who doesn't support it. Of course those who want the invasion to continue can support those who don't support the fence and we can then see what Americans really want.

I have supported Kay Bailey Hutchinson since she was a political rookie, it's over. It was disgusting, Kay. You KNEW the desires of Texas and America and you sided against us. I hope your legs grow together.

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