Friday, May 18, 2007

New Pictures

Linda Lou got some new pictures, professional type, for Mother's Day. William and Josiah, a couple of handsome lads, if I do say so myself. We're going to town next Wednesday, I have a doctor visit scheduled, so we'll actually get to see them.

Josiah is six months old now and William is four and a half. I am not quite sure how, in this new world where guns are so forbidden, William got so in love with shootin' irons. He turns anything into a gun and runs around going "bang".

I made the mistake of letting him run around the house with one of my cowboy action .45s once, carefully unloaded and double inspected of course. He is still so small that he can't lift it but still managed to raise a knot on his little head.. I reckon the recoil of the imaginary "bang" was too much for him. I noticed the bump and snuck off, quietly. Lump? What lump? Do you see a lump?

Anyhow he will need a good pair of cap pistols and a nice cowboy rig for his next birthday. Hopefully something light enough for no new lumps. It's going to be time to start looking for a nice .22 soon, several as a matter of fact. I'm thinking of lever actions in case any of the boys want to follow Gramps into Cowboy Action Shooting.

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