Monday, May 21, 2007

Just Who Is The Party Of Hate And Repression?

There is a question that has been running through my mind since the mid '70s, shortly after the events in Cambodia after the "end" of the war in Southeast Asia. I am not sure how well I can put it into words but here goes...

We on the Right side of the political line have grown used to those on the Left calling us "The Party Of Hate And Repression" for decades, at least since Joe McCarthy. What I don't understand is why we let them get away with it. Let's look back...

In the early days of the Soviet Union which group covered up the millions of Russians and Ukrainians starved to death in famines purposefully engineered by Stalin? Which group ignored the Gulags?

During the Spanish Civil War which group first ignored the rape and murder of the Nuns and Priests of the Catholic Church? Then towards the end of that war which group tried to cover up the way that the Communists killed the anarchists, socialists and everyone else not following the exact (and everchanging) Communist line?

During the runup to WW2 why did the American Left so want us to ignore the Nazis, right up until they invaded the Soviet Union? And why, all during that war when we were bombing Germany to splinters, did we not once bomb the Railroad stations at the Nazi death camps? Could it be because the Roosevelt Administration was of the Left?

Why, following WW2 was there not one peep from the Left about the enslavement of half of Europe and the millions of murders in China once the communists took over?

Then came my war, Viet Nam. That war was started by Kennedy and escalated by LBJ. Kennedy was probably the last centrist Democrat. Once LBJ got that war heated up he kept throwing more troops in while making absolutely sure that the strategy to win, taking the war to their turf, was off limits. Then, somehow, the war became Nixon's War. (We will see this again, in 1998 Clinton got a Congressional Resolution declaring that American policy is 'regime change in Iraq') and the Left forced and end to all money and ammunition and other supplies to the Republic of Viet Nam in the face of an invasion from the north. A slaughter of epic proportions followed, it is still not over.

There is far more, of course, why do American feminists side with those who treat women as property? Why do American Leftists Jews mostly side with the people who will kill Israel? Why do those who say the Right wants to kill people revere Rachel Carson who's fight against DDT has killed millions of (mostly poor) people per year?

Why did the Leftists in Congress, having voted overwhelmingly for the war in Iraq, start undermining it from the first day? The Left claims that it is we on the Right who are creating more terrorists. I believe that had we kept a united front that more than half of the rank and file terrorists would never have "enlisted". They know that they cannot beat us, their hope is that we will quit.

Well it is looking more and more like the Left will force us into quitting this fight. What then? How many people in the Mideast die? Does Israel have a way to prevent Iran from getting nukes? Does anyone really believe that Iran won't use those nukes, once they get them? I'm not, nor have I ever been, a Zoomie. Still, I do not believe Israel has the birds that can fly from Israel to Iran and back to drop precision weaponry. This means that Israel's only chance against Iran's nuclear program is cruise missiles from their submarine force. Since Iran's nuke program seems to be well dug in those cruise missiles will have to have nuclear warheads.

So, here is my question. If we on the Right are the Party of death and repression, shouldn't the Left just once side with those trying to keep people alive? Just once? Even by accident?

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