Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nathaniel Turns Four Today.

Nathaniel turns four today, these pictures are from the last time they were in our part of the country.

Nathaniel is autistic. The kids got him to a good Doc and he is doing very well. Meleah, my DIL has him on a special diet that seems to control most of the symptoms.

I don't really understand autism all that well. The boy is as sweet as he could be but won't look anyone in the eye. Instead he has the thousand yard stare of an infantryman who has been in the bush too long. I look at the boy and think that a good R&R (not in the Bangkok of the '60s, though) followed by a six month tour as The Colonel's driver is just what he needs to get him back to normal. Then I remember that he's too young to drive. It just about broke my heart to see that boy afraid of Eddie when Eddie was only about four months old.

I don't get to see these kids often, they live in North Carolina in the heart of NASCAR country, just north of Charlotte. After December, when Linda Lou gets her social security and we no longer have to throw nickles around like they were manhole covers we'll see them a little more often. I figure then we'll be able to afford two long trips a year instead of having to budget one walk to the mailbox per month like now.I just HAD to choose a profession where no honest man ever retires rich.

Anyway Nathaniel, his big brother Ethan, John Mark are all being home schooled.

Happy birthday, Nathaniel. I miss you.

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