Thursday, May 24, 2007

Doctors And Grandkids

I went up to Dallas and Plano yesterday to see my Cardiologist and then our daughter and the grandkids. Not a whole lot to talk about with the Doc, he is increasing my weekly dose of rat poison, er, Coumadin. For some reason the Docs hate it when I call the rat poison rat poison. They like the term blood thinner. This must mean I have thick blood. Or rats in my circulatory system.

Then we drove up and saw the kids. Josiah is pulling himself up quite nicely, he'll be walking soon. William won't hardly stop running unless I get him into a headlock.

We didn't stay long, we'd left Eddie in his crate and Princess outside. I hate leaving her outside in the back yard as she always turns over her water dish. As she did yesterday.

If I don't post pictures of the dogs tomorrow it will be because Linda Lou killed me after she saw that I finally posted a pic of her, she hates pictures of herself...

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