Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Dog Days

I got a couple of good pictures of the dogs this week. See CAP and her green stuffed elephant? It has an electronic 'trumpet' when she bites it it roars. Help! Help! It's the horrible Heffelump!

In other news I will be more than a little broke this month. My desktop computer has been dead since October, we thought it was the modem and so I had Comp USA put one in, instead I had a horrific case of viruses. Viri? At any rate Linda Lou only lets me use the desktop in the living room to post pictures, the rest of the time I was using an elderly, clunky laptop in my study/gun room.

So I finally got my desktop fixed. It had quit getting on line so I had Comp USA put a new modem in, turned out that wasn't the problem. The antibiotics to kill the computer viruses were as expensive as people medicine. So this month there will be no shooting or excess driving or even much meat.

Oh well, it's nice being able to actually use my computer. I was up until near five in the morning setting it up, all of my everything was gone. I had to put Firefox back in as well as aol. Yes, I know there are better servers than aol, it's too bad they are all long distance from here. High speed? In my dreams. Linda Lou says I can have high speed once she gets her social security. By then gas will probably be five dollars a gallon and we still won't be drilling and refining. The Democrats will investigate, though. Let's see, will those investigations show that there has not been one new refinery built in over thirty years? Will any of these crusading Donk investigate why there are Cubans and Chinese drilling for oil off the coast of Florida but no American companies?

If only we could buy some Democrat offsets.

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