Thursday, April 19, 2007

Update On Corzine...

The powers that be have rolled all of the feces to the top of the hill and it is about to roll downhill. That State Trooper who was driving lives in the valley.

The "invesigation" of this incidnet shows that the Gov's SUV was going 91 mph in a 65 zone. Furthermore they are saying that nobody told the Trooper to go fast. Right. A State Trooper driving the Governor just decided, on his own to drive 91 mph. If you believe that my number 2 boy has some ocean front property in the hills above Charlelotte, NC to sell you.

They are also saying that the Trooper should have forced the Gov and his aides to buckle up. Right. And a PFC should demand that his General should get in step. What with the civil service rules in most states that Trooper probably would not have been fired. He would, however been reassigned to the other end of the state from where his house is and would have been working last out in Resume Speed, NJ.

Democrats, the party of the little guy. Unless crapping all over a little guy saves them the slightest bit of trouble.

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