Thursday, April 05, 2007

Brits, Dogs And Other Stories.

So, we have the Brit Sailors And Marines back home after two weeks in beautiful Iran. No trace yet of what, if anything, the Brits gave up. Why do I believe we'd end up with a far smaller death toll if we'd bombed the foo out of Iran and let them kill those fifteen Brits?

Speaking of coming death tolls how about Speaker Pelosi, that great feminist donning the hijab for those other great feminists, the Baath Party of Syria?I would really like an estimate of the number of our men and women who have been killed by weapons or personnel routed through or financed by Syria?

Abe Lincoln deported a Congresscritter for less than Pelosi did. Yet Bush is a tyrant and Lincoln a hero. My family, those who were on this side of the pond then, were all Union from what I understand but, even so, I see nothing that really allowed the Civil War. If we agree that the nation was formed from thirteen colonies voluntarily forming a Union then it only stands to reason they could volunteer to leave.

Still, I am glad we are a Union still, I just wish that Bush could do what other Presidents have done. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. Wilson jailed German sympathizers. Roosevelt was a bit more subtle, he locked people in insane asylums, except for Japanese who went to the camps. Bush, on the other hand, is worrying about his people being locked up. Meanwhile there is still a significant percentage of the one and a half BILLION Muslims in the world that want to kill my grandchildren.

It was not very many years ago that I merely disagreed with Democrats about how to reach the goal of the best for the greatest number of people. Even during Clinton I figured that Donks were okay, just wrong. Now, for over five years I have watched them side with those who kill Americans. It is past the thinking they're wrong. It is even past mere dislike. I remember what these people said in '98 when they helped pass the law making regime change in Iraq official American policy. I see what they are doing now.

I hate them. How many will die in their quest for political power?

Here are some dog pictures, only because it is not good for me to dwell on hatred.

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