Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I don't remember who the columnist was, or even what paper he worked for but back when I subscribed to newspapers there was a feller who often ended his column with something he called scattershooting. It was always "Scattershooting While Wondering What Happened To...." and then he would name a person who once was a celebrity that we hadn't heard from in a coon's age. Anyway I am not wondering what happened to Belle Starr, Judge Parker sentence her to hang.

I wonder if we are still allowed to say a coon's age? Ah, even if they complain I won't go genuflect to Sharpton and Jackson.

Who is this person Sheryl Crow? She seems to be famous but for what escapes me. She must be young and has never been around anybody old enough to need prune juice. Or just incredibly stupid. One square indeed. Three or four on those pesky days? Idiot.

What on earth is up with these Donks? FDR and Truman had us set up for a Donk dynasty except Ike decided to run as a Republican. Yet after Ike's two terms we were set up for Donks as far as the eye could see. Then they got us into a war and decided it was too hard. As unpopular as Viet Nam was when they pulled the rug out from under the troops it was the end of that dynasty. Since then the only way Donks could win a national election was to ambush Nixon for less than LBJ did and to run as a Republican lite like Clinton did.

Now the Donks are doing it again. Yes this war in Iraq is unpopular. The Donks don't seem to realise, though, that it's unpopular because we can't hardly see any progress. (Note: every Milblogger on the scene seems to think there is progress. and not just the Officers who we expect to follow the company line but the Noncoms, and one enlistment EMs who tend to speak their minds no matter what the Generals say) The Donks think that they can ride to power by forcing us to lose a war. Americans do not like to lose wars. I do not see a political advantage to losing this war. Nor can I see a strategic advantage. The Donks may get a short term gain but what happens when the persons of explosion hit us again? On their watch? I submit that there is a much better chance of that than the Donks getting perpetual power from causing us to lose a war. Now the nutroots, the reality based community, will say that we are not losing because of what they're doing. Does anyone with an I/Q above room temperature really thing that the fighters, munitions and money would be flowing 'cross the Syrian and Iranian borders as they are today without the Donks fighting our guys every step of the way? Not that Dubya will ever say anything about what the Donks are doing. Note to Donks, Dubya isn't running next year. Republicans will be beating the Donks over the head with this for the next forty years.

I'm in a bad mood tonight. A simple little thing like a big sale when I don't have the money. Seems that Texas Jacks, down in Fredericksburg, TX is having a big sale, including the cowboy guns. They have the Cimarron Model P revolvers, the Colt Peacemaker clone in .32-20 for two for $800.00. That old .32-20 is a great old cartridge. Depending on how we load it it is a light recoiling target and small game round. Add a little more slow burning powder like Blue Dot, 2400 or H110 or Lil Gun and it is a nifty small bore magnum with actual hitting power somewhere between the .38 Special and .357 Mag. I've always thought that the gunmakers were missing a good bet by not making a modern revolver in .32-20. Say a Ruger GP 100 or K or L frame Smith. I'd love to have a '92 Winchester in .32-20, too. It'd be a great small game rifle ans would be good for our smallish Texas Whitetails if the range was fairly close.

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