Friday, April 13, 2007

Rough Week For Donks

I am usually a compassionate person, I really do hate to see anyone get hurt. Yet I broke out in a loud laugh when I saw that New Jersey Governor Corzine was badly injured in an auto wreck. We cannot go through a newscast, hardly, without some Democrat screeching about how SUVs are going to kill us all from pollution.

It was Democrats who got us into all those seatbelt laws, too. Now don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in pulling my sissystraps tight when I'm on the road but it shouldn't be a law. Part of the problem with America is stupid people reproducing and giving more stupid people. For evidence I offer those feminist icons Bill and Hilary Clinton.

So I broke out in laughter when Corzine was injured while riding in an SUV without wearing his belt. Ah, well, he's a democrat. They make the rules, fine us or jail us if we break them. Them? They're too important to be bothered by the rules they make.

Speaking of Democrats, who knew that Don Imus, who endorsed Kerry in '04 had switched and become a conservative? I don't much care what happens to Imus, I shudder at the thought of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton having the power to decide who should be on the airwaves. At least when one of the big preachers on the Right get caught cheating on their wives they resign, Jackson just keeps goin' and goin'. And please, Sharpton having anything to do with decency? See above about the Clintons being feminist icons.

Every time I get completely fed up with the Republicans the Donks remind me of how important it is to pull the straight Pubbie ticket each election.

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