Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Blogiversery To Me.

I need to thank my pal Rave for reminding me that yesterday was my second Blogiversery. We celebrated by taking all three dogs to Petsmart for a nail trim. Linda Lou refuses to do this anymore since she once cut too deep and a dog bled a little. I, of course, don't even try with my loss of coordination.

We are trying a new trick with driving with the dogs, at least until we are finished with CAP's housebreaking. Well, carbreaking. Instead of me trying to drive I sit with her and keep her from wandering about and pooping huge piles and then walking in them and spreading ground in poop all over the van. This was a qualified success. She neither pooped nor peed. Of course she threw up all over the console.

I had to get dogs. Couldn't get a nice guppy, no. Not me. I do not know what possessed us to go to Petsmart on Saturday, with the dogs. We are retired, we could have gone any day but we chose Saturday. I think that stroke took more IQ points than I thought. Like I should only be allowed to eat with a plastic spoon. To make it worse this was not just any Saturday but was Petsmart's twentieth anniversery. The place was packed with people and critters.

During the drive CAP decided she was a little baby lap puppy and, instead of riding on the floor, got in my lap. I would have rather had a brunette with low morals, I think.

Well, we survived the big outing and it's time to go clean puppy vomit out of the car. Lucky me.

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