Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hate Speech

I have been reading, with only mild interest, of the adventures of someone named Amanda Marcotte. She is, apparently, some famous blogger that I've never heard of. Please note that just because I have never heard of someone does not mean that they can't, or shouldn't be, famous. I have narrow interests and do not pay much attention to most media. I have never seen an episode of American Idol, nor Survivor nor even Seinfeld. I do not watch 24. I do not watch any television series at all, my hearing is such that I cannot understand what they are saying. Oddly I can watch old movies and even old TV shows but something in modern sound, maybe the style, maybe the technology, makes me unable to hear it. I noticed this about the last year of so of NYPD Blue, that is how long I have been out of the loop.

Ooops! I need one of Drudge's Siren and Light graphics to warn everyone of a digression alert.

Anyhow this Marcotte person seems to not like men or Catholics much or women who enjoy being mothers. Her business, not mine. In looking at the things posted by others I wondered a little about what gave er such a dislike for folks who have never done her any harm, then I got interested in finding a little more information about Mysterious Dave Mather, the old west Lawman, gunfighter and outlaw. Once he got on the side of the Law he stayed a very practical sort. In the towns he worked if a notorious bad guy was in town he and his deputies would just go house to house, room to room and kill him. Whoops, I digress again. Did you know that after Mysterious Dave's career as a Lawman, gambler, and rustler in Arkansas, Kansas and Colorado he went to Canada and was a Mountie and didn't retire until 1920s? I do not know if he kept up with that same style of police work up there.

What I have noticed the most about the controversy over this Marcotte person is that everyone immediately starts talking about the equivalent "hate speech" on the Right. Rush Limbaugh is always mentioned there. Now I do listen to Rush, almost every day. I do not hear the hate. Ridicule, yes. Apparently the Left believes that playing a tape of a Kennedy or a Clinton's exact words and then commenting is hate. Insulting millions of Catholics is political commentary.

I wasn't going to vote for the Breck Girl anyway.

Update: The more I read about politics in 2007, the more I stay in the latter third of the 19th Century. Except with modern medicine.

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