Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Waiting For Dubya

It is two hours before Dubya gives his speech, the one that pretty much marks his last chance to get the war right. While I do not, by any means, think that this war has been run perfectly, I notice that, unlike my war, the Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen still believe. The units engaged in this fight report reenlistments at almost 150 percent of the goals. The young men and women who have no intention of going career are extending their enlistments to go over with their buddies. This did not happen this way in the Southeast Asian War Games.

I do wonder what the high rate of reenlistment will do the the Services, long term. War is hard on the knees and back, even without any extra holes in the body, and every year the soldier carries a heavier load. With every extra man and woman who reenlists there is one less spot for a recruit to fill. It will also slow down the promotions for the first hitch types. Oh well, let the smart people worry about that.

I worry that the Democrats are going to force us into quitting while the Soldiers still believe. Aside from believing that this enemy will follow us home, not that some aren't already here, I recall my war. Now it got started under a Democrat, while this one seems to have started under a Republican. Of course most of us have forgotten about the 1998 act where Congress declared, and Clinton signed that regime change in Iraq is America's policy. Poor Dubya. Like I was in 1964 he is dumb enough to believe a Democrat. Unlike Dubya, I at least have not believed one since. Does no one in America remember that the Democrats overwhelmingly voted for this war? What is it about them that makes them commit troops and then when we've invested our lives and our allies have bet their own lives, and their family's lives, makes them want to run out?

How many Iraqis will be slaughtered if we leave? What about the next theater in this war, will one single person trust the word of America if we leave and the slaughter begins? These questions are important. There is a pretty fair percentage of the world's ane and a half BILLION Muslims that want to kill my grandchildren. I suspect that the percentage is well over ten percent. I further believe that the percentage is highest among military aged Muslims. Their schools teach them to hate us, our teach tolerance. Yep. That'll work.

Oh well, I'll listen to Dubya, I have no great hope. For too many the tens of millions of Muslims that want to kill my grandchildren are not the problem. The problem is Dubya and the rest of us evil theocrats.

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