Thursday, January 04, 2007


I wish I had a better understanding of the terrain on the border of Iraq and Iran, I simply cannot understand why we allow weapons, money and bad guys to flow across that border. It's been over thirty-five years since I wore Uncle's suit but I still recall how to set up an L shaped ambush. I didn't have to have a funny hat, neither. Any Infantryman could do it then, why aren't we doing it now?

When we were having that two year long rush to war I looked at the map in my World Almanac and thought then that Iraq was just a step, a staging area much like Sicily in WW2. We already had troops and air bases in Afghanistan, Turkey and, I believe Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, as well as Saudi Arabia. The Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf were each American lakes, owned by the US Navy.

So, we gone in, knock off Sodomy Hussein, then retreat to a few bases, and the oil fields, let the Shiites and the Sunnis kill each other while we protect the Kurds and go on to the next step, putting the fear of God and George W. Bush into Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There is not a square inch of either of those places that our fighter bombers can't reach, as a matter of fact our helicopter gunships can get fairly deep into each. I seem to remember, back in the day, that our Zoomies and Rotorheads used to love to see stuff blow up. I would hope that hasn't changed although with the PCification of the military I am not so sure. Have the Weapons Officers in the back seats of those jets all been replaced by JAG Lawyers yet? Or is that next?

I do not understand why there is one brick standing on another through Iran. I do not know why Halliburton doesn't have the contract to rebuild. I blame the Democrats.

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