Friday, January 12, 2007

So, Now What?

We have seen the reaction of the Democrats now, the ones that insisted that we didn't have enough troops in Iraq. They are now totally against any more troops in Iraq. There is, of course, not a word on what will happen if (when?) we lose, as we shall lose if the Donks have their way.

We might look to exactly how the Christians in Bethlehem are doing as an example, not very well from what I've read. Seems as if the only Christians allowed to survive are those who trumpet the Pali's line against Israel. Of course at this rate there will soon be no Israel.

I got an E-mail the other day from an old fried, a lawyer who works for the US Government, in the Executive Branch. It was a series of really insulting anti-Bush bumper stickers. Regardless of the issue of loyalty up, something I had ingrained in me, what about the simple question of insulting me? Does it matter to him that over half of all American voters chose Mr. Bush? What on earth will he do when the Islamists win? What color Burqua will his wife wear? How long will it take him to learn to wear a turban?

I wonder what he'll say when America falls as did Constantinople? I suppose he'll file a lawsuit on the Muslim that is real close behind him. My understanding, though, is that the lawsuit will become moot as soon as he gets the bullet through the brain.

I believe that Bush and company have made many mistakes in this war, a war that was declared long before his administration began, but at least he is fighting it. I would have gone into Iran after Afghanistan. Or maybe Saudi Arabia. Be that as it may we are in Iraq with two choices, win or lose.

I am not sure what winning will look like, no way to guess what a real democratic republic will bring. I do know what losing will look like, I saw it before, the last time the Donks took both houses during a war. I saw the boat people, I read about the two million dead Cambodians. Friends who stayed in the Service told me about not having ammunition for practice. Forgive me for not having a whole lot of confidence in soldiers that can't shoot. Nor in Zoomies that can't hardly hit anything with a bomb. Navy ships sat alongside the piers for lack of fuel.

This is what is coming.

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