Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cold And Rainy

The temp is hovering just above freezing and it's nice and rainy. Today was our bimonthly Cowboy Action Shoot, canceled.At least I won't come in last today.

I'm trying my beef stew again today with a few suggestions from a recipe site I found. This time I have the same vegetables as last time but have a two and a half pound chuck roast in there. The chuck roast chunks are dissolving into tiny pieces. I found some recipe site on the 'net and one of the stew recipes called for a can of tomato soup, I put it in, good. Next time, though I'll put in a can or so of Ro-Tel tomatoes and green chili, instead. Other than that, the only difference is a little less flour and some spice variations. This time my hand fell on the Paprika so I poured a bunch of that in, in case a hungry Hungarian wanders up.

I am serving with cornbread muffins, again. This time with jalapenos in them. Note to self, a few less jalapenos next time. They are right tasty but give me a very warm feeling the next day. Speaking of hungry Hungarians, I should learn Goulash.

The major news of the last couple of days is the Duke La Cross "rape" case. Nifong has finally recused himself and it looks as if the State Attorney General has chosen another prosecutor with a documented history of prosecutional misconduct to look the case over and decide whether to drop it or to continue. I guess the honest lawyer is on vacation. It's a small state, they can't afford two honest lawyers in one department.

I do not understand Nifong and Gottlieb in this whole mess. Nifong a little, after all he had immunity from civil and criminal charges when acting as a prosecutor. I doubt though, that this immunity carries over to when he started acting as the lead investigator.

This case is not like what Gottlieb and Nifong seem to be well known for, sticking Duke students with extra big fines for underage drinking and suchlike. They should have known that these three families would retain competent counsel, with each of those kids facing multiple thirty year sentences. These families are out for blood.

The lawsuits are starting to come, they will be thicker than these Colorado blizzards we've been reading about. There are too many "little fish" with no immunity and not enough insurance to cover the coming judgements. These little fish, to protect their own families from destitution, will roll over on Nifong and Gottlieb. Not just in civil lawsuits, either. People like to forget that the civil rights of white boys are also protected. I can think of two or three federal felonies by Nifong and Gottlieb, three counts of each. Three counts of each on both of them. This will all come out during the civil suits.

Here is my question...If Nifong and Gottlieb were willing to try to railroad three well to do white kids into prison, who else have they already railroaded? Given the racial and economic makeup of that part of North Carolina, how many pour back guys are in prison while innocent?

Note, those who have not followed this case should Google "Durham In Wonderland" to learn far more than we ever wanted to know about dishonesty.

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