Saturday, January 06, 2007

Birdseed Thieves and Marie Callender Pies and Cobblers

Retired people must have hobbies. In addition to shooting I have started a birdseed collection. Trouble is if I try to keep my birdseed collection in the house we get those little tiny field mice and Linda Lou threatens me with dire consequences. So I got this little plastic silo that we hang in the wild plum tree in the front yard.

Now the tree is full of flying birdseed thieves and the odd squirrel. Naturally it annoys me to see my precious birdseed collection being stolen, this time of year it is the Cardinals and Blue Jays, plus every little brown bird that I can't identify. Linda Lou won't let me shoot them so my little tree is always full of red and blue birds flashing around like rubies and sapphires. I tried taking a couple of mugshots, just in case they come to your neighborhood, I don't know how well they came out, click to see.

In other news, Mrs. Who of the not famous enough House of Zathras is mad at me because I wrote of Blackberry Cobbler yesterday, when it isn't blackberry season. It seems she hasn't canned enough blackberries to make a cobbler. Well, since even wives who have never met stick together and I don't want Linda Lou to punish me, here is the trick...Marie Callender frozen cobblers. Buy 'em at Wally World. These cobblers, and her frozen pies, are the best store-bought pies and cobblers I've ever eaten. And, of course, they are never out of season.

The Marie Callender frozen pot pies are good, too.I eat them a couple of times a week, for breakfast. Linda Lou has back trouble and when her back is kicking up she sleeps on the couch. When I wake up before she does I eat the pot pies for breakfast because I can fix 'em quietly, without waking her. They come in two sizes, ten ounce, for those on a diet, and sixteen ounces, for those of us that don't care if we ever see our feet again. If your only experience with pot pies are those teeny ones from Swanson, try one of these. Their new Cheesy Chicken is out of this world.

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