Monday, August 01, 2005

Personal Ad? Sort Of.

I need a co-blogger. There are a variety of reasons why, chief among them include the rather narrow fields of interest and knowledge that I have, and my inability to post pictures.

I do not require any co-blogger to march in complete lockstep but a generally conservative/libertarian (small 'L') viewpoint would be needed.

What would be required is that once, perhaps twice, per week, this co-blogger be willing and able to post pictures that I'd send via E-mail on shooting and handloading posts that I write. Please don't ask why I can E-mail pics and not post them, it's a mystery that neither I, nor my engineer son-in-law can figure out. Nor can my blogpappy Harv.

The only editorial control that I demand is that there be no grandchild-unsafe words used. I have been known to use ugly words from time to time in my life, some say that I use more than my share. Just not here, on this blog. The main purpose of this blog, from my point of view is that a person with no experience with firearms or the safe handloading of ammunition will, even without a hands-on coach, be able to learn these essential skills. Since shooting is very much a family sport it is my policy to have no words on this site that Mom or Dad can't read to younger children or feel safe in letting older children poke around this blog unsupervised. (Umm, careful with the blogroll, mmkay?)

So, anyone that would like to dip a toe into blogging and is somewhat computer and internet savvy is cordially invited to look 'round this site. If you think that you'd fit, drop me a line. I'm not particularly interested in your age, race, gender or sexual orientation, nor would physical handicap be an issue. Mental handicaps are already pretty well represented, though. This theoretical co-blogger need, and probably shouldn't, feel compelled to blog about guns and shooting, this blog is already of narrow interest. Someone writing about other things than what I do would probably make for a more interesting site. I may draw the line at catblogging, although huntin' dogs might be fun.

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