Saturday, August 06, 2005

Always the Last With The News

I don't know why but I haven't clicked on one of my usual daily reads, Ma Deuce Gunner, for a week or so. Mike , a Corporal in either the Idaho National Guard or the Army Reserve is a gunner, specifically he sits atop a truck and operates one of John Moses Browning's brainchildren, the M2 fifty Caliber Machine Gun, Ma Deuce. His blog seems to be mainly a way to let his family and friends know what he's up to. Since I've never met Mike I cannot count myself as his friend, which is my loss, not his. He's family, though, as are all the young men and women wearing Uncle's suit. We're different generations and the shade of green he wears is slightly different than the shade I wore, but family none the less.

Mike is home in Idaho on his R&R from the Sandbox, to return in about ten days or so. Those who are inclined to have an occasional libation, raise a glass toward Idaho. Those of us who don't drink might wing good thoughts his way. Me? He's one of the young men who puts a name and a face to use in my daily prayers. I am not nearly arrogant enough to think that I know God's plan. I do know He hears my prayers, the popping and cracking of these arthritic old knees as I assume the position just has to get His attention.

Mike is one of the good guys. One of many who made it possible for my grandchildren to sleep safe in their beds again last night. Thanks, Mike. Enjoy. May your R&R be memorable and your next homecoming even better.

Note to self: Update that blogroll!

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