Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Joining the Blogswarm

I'm joining a blogswarm. Venomous Kate of Electric Venom has had a nasty bike accident and has wiped out eight of her front teeth. Her insurance company is being difficult and, although an appeal may eventually force her insurer into covering at least some of the repair, that does her no good right now. Go over and help if you can.

Kate was one of the very first bloggers I ever read and the very first blogger to allow me to guest post, actually she posted a letter I wrote her about a fallen Marine. Please, though, don't hold it against her that I'm blogging. Kate opened up a new world for me when I badly needed a way to fill a lot of empty hours. She gave unstintingly of herself helping new bloggers get going. (Much like Harvey does) I would go so far as to say that there are at least a hundred or so very good blogs that never would've gotten off the ground without her help.

I know Kate as well as I know any blogger that I've yet to meet in person, I know she wouldn't be asking for help unless she badly needed it. I know something else, too. If, after receiving this help, her appeal of her insurance coverage is successful, all or in part, what money she's collected won't be used for personal gain.

Kate is one of the good guys, well, gals.

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