Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Out of Pocket

I'm going to be out of pocket at least all morning tomorrow. One of the downsides to not dying young is wear and tear on the body. Linda Lou is having an allegedly minor medical procedure tomorrow involving some kind of shot of steroids into her spine to relieve pain that is downright crippling at times. This procedure involves an epidural, that shot beloved of Moms everywhere.

We have no idea how long it will be before things wear off and we can start the journey back home, nor how long it will be before I can revert to my usual sloth. This may mean no Carnival of the Cordite post this week. There is a one hundred percent chance that Linda Lou will milk this for all it's worth, she enjoys being waited on.

To those of our family and friends that are inclined to worry and borrow trouble, the nurse that gave us the instructions about when to stop eating and drinking, etc, tells us that the biggest problem people report is that they try to do too much immediately following the procedure and end up with other parts hurting. There is absolutely no danger of that here.

There is considerable danger involved here, though. Two people who simply never go to bed before about two AM have to be up and on the road by seven, at the latest. Prayers should probably be better directed for the poor souls on the road betwixt here and Dallas.

Update: 2:00 PM, 08/25/05...Home safe, the procedure went without a hitch, so did the drive. Linda Lou reports that the worst pain was when the nurse put the IV in. The epidural hasn't worn off yet so we won't know whether or not it works. The Docs say that there's about a fifty-fifty chance of significant pain relief.If it works, well about three of these procedures per year will control her back pain. If it doesn't, we're looking at back surgery fairly soon, within the next year or so.

Thanks for the good wishes, that means a lot to us both.

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