Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New Link

I was getting an order for some gun cleaning supplies ready to go with one of my favorite companies, Sinclair International , when I realized I needed to ask a question. So I E-mailed their customer service people and, toward the end of the note I asked if they minded if I linked them. As usual, the answers to my questions were quick and authoritative.

The link to Sinclair will put you in touch with a company specializing in products for the accuracy minded shooter. The company supports high power rifle and benchrest rifle competition but the casual shooter and hunter will find much to look at there, too. Especially in their lineup of cleaning products. More shootin' irons are ruined by improper cleaning than any other single factor.

I'm not privy to their business plan but from the outside it looks as if it's pretty simple, only the best products, fast delivery and a staff that knows what they're doing. Don't shop Sinclair for the cheap shoddy stuff, though, you won't find it.

I'm proud to endorse them. The link is on the sidebar.

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