Tuesday, May 03, 2005


The newest grandchild is late. Number Two Son, the human gas machine and his wife, Tall Brunette Angel were due yesterday. Their OB/GYN is inducing labor sometime today.

Pardon my pacing. No liveblogging this event, we have commitments that keep us here, the kids are in North Carolina. This is their third, the first two boys (and their Mom) came through with no problems, we expect none this time. The frustrating thing is that I'll be out of pocket all afternoon, I have to go to Dallas for a session with my neurologist. It's bad enough having to go to Dallas but waiting, too? I thought I was too old to sin so much to deserve punishment like this.

Update 915 PMCDT
Home safe, no messages and Linda Lou not home yet. I just called her on our only cell phone, no news. This guy is bound and determined to make them wake me up in the middle of the night. How rude. He didn't get that from MY side of the family.

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