Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cigars All Around, The Blue Bands, Please.

Virtual Cigars for everyone! The newest member of the VRWC entered this world at 10.00 PM EDT. Mother and father squinting at the nine pound, two ounce, twenty-one and three quarter inch long boy trying to figure out if the name they picked out fits.

He joins his two brothers and three male cousins in the solemn duty of protecting my only Granddaughter's virtue.

The family tradition of running long on boys and short on cash continues through the generations.

In unrelated news, scientists link global warming to burning cigars.

Update 5/4/05: Well the kids looked at this new baby from enough angles to decide his name: John Mark. I'm glad that's settled. I'd hate to have to engrave "To whom it may concern" on his first .22 rifle.

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