Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Neurological Miracle

This post will be absolutely boring to everyone except those who have had, or may someday have, a stroke. Or those who have a friend or loved one who has had, or may someday have, a stroke. If you don't fall into those categories go see Harvey's love notes because he is the best Blogfather ever for teaching me how to use the link, besides the comments are hilarious, though sometimes raunchy.

In a medical miracle that ranks quite a bit lower than that of Donald Herbert regaining his speech and memory after ten years following a Bad Day as a firefighter, I woke up this morning with the feeling and strength partially back in my right hand and arm. Without going into excrutiatingly boring detail about six weeks ago I awoke with numbness and weakness on the right side of my body after what my Neurologist describes as a ministroke, a tiny blood vessel in my (alleged) brain let go. The event was so small it didn't show up in the MRI that I had but Doc Walker was sure of his diagnosis because of the symptoms.

He started me on a course of treatment that I, quite frankly do not understand but, since I trust him, I'm going along with. I'll go along with almost any medical procedure that consists of me sitting, doing nothing, and entails no discomfort. As best I can describe it I'm hooked up to a computer and machine through electrode loops around my wrists, ankles and head. The machine records and the computer displays the electric and magnetic fields from my various body parts and then sends impulses to stimulate the body's internal healing mechanisms. In this case it tells those minute blood cells concerned with scavenging dead blood cells from the body, specifically in my brain. The treatment procedures are supposed to be about two weeks apart so that the body's internal "repair crews" have time to work. Yesterday was my second treatment session, this morning I noticed a dramatic improvement. I'm not a hundred percent but maybe seventy-five. Since the process is supposed to take time, I'm quite excited.

This is an unconventional treatment, my Doc is big on things like Homeopathic Medicine, Biofeedback and some other things that I cannot even pronounce, much less spell.

If you are dealing with the results of a stroke, either yours or a friend's or loved one's and are having no progress in recovery drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with my Doc, he knows who else is working with these unconventional methods.

Who knows, I may even be able to shoot that batch of Black Powder loads in my .45 Colt. I had them all made up and then this event happened, I've been afraid to go try them for fear I wouldn't be able to hold on to the shootin' iron during recoil. Woot!

Thanks to GEBIV of There's One, Only for staying on top of the Herbert story.

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