Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Newsweek Riots

Everybody and their mother in law is blogging about Newsweek and the riots after they published that blurb about the alleged desecration of the Koran. While it's pretty obvious that Newsweek screwed the pooch, I'm wondering about something else.

I'm wondering why we have to walk around on pins and needles worrying about the Islamic hypersensitivity to any slight, real, alleged or even imagined, to their religion when they show no trace of respect to others. Isn't it about time that Islam starts to worry about our cultural and religious sensitivity a little? Like the one about not flying airliners into our buildings? Maybe the one about not beheading our civilians? How about the religious taboo about not taking over a Russian school and slaughtering children?

I'm about this close to running for President on the Nuke Them All Platform. I can see where nuking all of Islam at once might be considered a bit extreme by some, although there are others that would wonder why nobody's run on such a platform before. Because I'm a reasonable man I'm willing to compromise. How about we only blow up three places a week until Islam decides to play nice with it's neighbors?

Eh, it's late and I probably shouldn't post when I'm tired and grumpy.

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