Thursday, May 05, 2005

Colonel David Hackworth, RIP.

Col. David Hackworth died at age 74 in Tijuana, Mexico today where he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

Col. Hackworth, Hack to his legions of friends, admirers and foes alike, served as an Enlisted Man in the Korean War before being commissioned as an Officer in the US Army. He rose to Colonel and served with distinction and valor in Viet Nam before his outspoken opposition to the way that war was handled forced him to retire.

He wrote three books, About Face, A Viet Nam Primer, and Hazardous Duty. He then spent time as a columnist and gadfly to the corporate military and it's "Perfumed Princes".

I had my disagreements with Hack but I never once doubted his love of country and his dedication to the Soldiers who do the fighting. His fight was with the politicians, in and out of uniform.

My prayers and condolences to his family and friends. I hope they may find some comfort in knowing that he always fought for the right, as he saw the right. David Hackworth was a Soldier!

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