Thursday, September 05, 2013

Got My Internet At Home Back

 When I called yesterday to make a (partial) payment on my bill I cried about not having my at home Internet working. They sent a tech and and it's going now.

 In other news I am almost finished filling out the paperwork to get my little sliver of Linda Lou's pension, not a whole lot but it will help. And it's a week and five days before I get up to the kids and pick up my new phone, when I have it and figure out the number I'll pass it on to folks who know me. If I forget anyone, e-mail me.

 At about the end of last month I had my 28th AA "birthday" and then Saturday evening I went to my group's Birthday meeting. It starts earlier than most of the meetings here, with a covered dish supper. I decided to make a big pot of thick chicken noodle soup so I did. Then I loaded a box of crackers, my pepper mill and my shaker full of sea salt in the van, went back in, got the big pot o' soup, set in down on a chair on the deck, closed and locked the door, got in the van and drove to the meeting. When I got home the soup was still sitting on that chair. Foo. Oh well, I froze some, ate some and there are still a couple of bowls left.

 Today is my sister, Carolyn's birthday, Happy Birthday, Sis! She is the reason Mom didn't feel like a total failure as a parent. Me? Mom used to make a few buck renting me out for a bad example.


pamibe said...

Great news all around! Happy Birthday to your sister. :)

Yesterday was YsD's new AA Birthday: 7 months. Hey, at least she's back... that's what matters.

I made some chicken soup last week but didn't like it... thought I picked up a whole cut up chicken, but it turned out to be four leg quarters and all that dark meat was too much... made it taste completely different.

Peter said...

I use that canned white meat chicken and Better Than Bouillon, egg noodles, plus either spaghetti or elbow mac, depending on what's in the house. Some cut up celery and carrots and canned peas, Easy-peasy. Of course I always make it really thick, it's more like a stew than a soup.

Congrats to YsD. Give her my regards. Tell her, from me, that it's simply one foot in front of the other until she comes out the other side of whatever she faces in life.

B said...

Glad to hear you are dong alright.

One day at a time.