Friday, September 06, 2013

So, Which Side Do We Bomb?

 So Obama and some of the left want to bomb Syria. On one side in Syria are the Ba'athist  bunch of Assad, only a step or two removed from the old National Socialists of Germany. On the other side are the people allied with the alQ bunch. In the middle are the ordinary people trying to live their lives and raise their families.

 So Obama wants to send some of those very expensive cruise missiles over there but has promised to not send enough to really change anything. On May the seventh, 1965 another Democrat decided to send me, and a whole bunch of other people somewhere far away but promising to not really hurt Uncle Ho. Remember how that worked out?

 Pinpricks may work in acupuncture but they do nothing in warfare. Especially when one does not know whom one is to shoot. Assuming we could decide which side to shoot, there is no upside for America. Nor an upside for the ordinary humans of the area. If we should destroy the alQ types fighting Assad that strengthens Iran which helps America, how? If we should destroy Assad that puts the alQ types in charge of yet another area of the world. That helps America, how?

 If we simply degrade Assad's government but not enough to let the alQ types win, that simply lengthens the fighting. That helps, um, that helps, well I just don't know. Maybe someone in one of those seven States of the USA that only Obama knows about.

 The last thing I know about this mess is that if we weaken Assad the Islamist opposition will have more strength to spend on murdering the local Christians, which seems to be their favorite sport.

 Excuse me for not getting really excited. about intervening.

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