Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bumped The Sat Dish for the Intertoobz With The Mower. Pills In The Mailbox.

I got my mountain of pills in the mail from the VA. The good news is that the poor, long-suffering taxpayer is giving them to me. The bad news is that they've switched a few of the pills and I'm having to re-acclimate to the new ones. So I'm kind of sleepy and unmotivated.

 In other news, either we bumped the sat receiver with the lawn tractor or the ground has shifted, still have to go next door with the laptop to get the Internet. Not so bad, I'm getting some extra reading in. Other than that, nothing much going on.


vwbug said...

Glad you are getting your meds.... hope everythimg else falls into place soon

pamibe said...

YAY for the meds! Boo for the wrecked sat receiver.

I usually spend August sleepy and unmotivated, so you're in good company... ;)

Horace said...