Friday, September 20, 2013

Two Steps Foward, A Step And A Half Back

 I made it back to the VA yesterday , seems as if I'm still alive. Then I drove up to my daughter and her family for a visit. They are nice enough to have put me on their family plan so now I have a new phone and number. Friends and relatives should e-mail me for the number. Not that it will do much good, seems I spend abouut half my time wandering through the house looking for where I left it.

 The VA is sending me all my private doctor records so that I can use them to file for my service connected disability.  I'm not sure what my percentage will be, it depends on how the various problems will build up. Each of my ailments will be a certain percentage. We'll see.

 I was working on the paperwork for my cut of Linda Lou's postal pension when I reached an impasse. Seems I can't find the checkbook or the box with the bazillion new checks so I can't finish that until morning. Well more likely afternoon since I do not seem to do mornings very well. Linda Lou could always find stuff. Each day I remember ways in which I needed her. Of course I always paid for her finding things with many rude comments.


pamibe said...

If I were to leave [unexpectedly or otherwise] Arthur wouldn't be able to find a thing. That's a really good lesson, actually. I need to get organized and make a chart of the what/where/why things.

Much luck with the VA and pension!!

vwbug said...

What Pam said... I think I will be getting with my hubby this weekend and go over it all.

Anonymous said...

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