Saturday, August 03, 2013

I'm Just Fine, Except...

 I got an E-mail note from the un-named blogger at  wondering how I'm doing. I guess I'm doing as well as one could expect.

 I'm somewhat depressed, of course, lonely and am still fighting to get my money straight. This coming Thursday I report to the VA Hospital n Dallas for the physical where I beg the grateful Nation for my monthly supply o' pills. Assuming this works I'll be okay. As it is, my pills run about half of my disposable income.

 I'm still wrestling with the government over the $349.00 a month from Linda Lou's pension that I'm supposed to be getting. After I taked to them they promised to get it to me within a month. Instead, of course, they took the deposit from my bank account. Oh well, And then the air conditioner in the front of the house died.

 I do have the bedroom air still going and plenty of fans so I'm still doing better than, say, Wyatt Earp. I'm very pleased that we bought the lot with the big oak tees, they shade the house in the afternoon.

 After I get the VA Medical straightened out then I start fighting about the disability pension from the VA. I'm told that I am an automatic lock for some 20-40 percent disability and I am working with a guy who swears up and down that he can get me a hundred percent.I'm not sure that I deserve a hundred percent but I would be as happy as a pig in clean mud with a big bucket of fresh slop if I could get fifty.

 So, anyhow, it's just a matter of time before the money worries are straightened out. Until then it's just a matter of one foot in front of the other. My mind is a lot easier when I remember to count my blessings and thank the Lord for them.

 Oddly I have much of Linda Lou's stuff cleaned out but the house seems more cluttered than ever. Oh well, that too will come together.
 These are only some of my blessings.

 Update, 8/3/13: The neighbor fellow that is a journeyman plumber and an apprentice electrician fixed my air.  I am truly blessed.


pamibe said...

The rest of us haven't forgotten you, Peter... Mike just asked yesterday if you ever got your computer repaired and you're in my daily prayers.

Congrats on getting your AC fixed! Hope the other problems are as quickly tamed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God for helpful, willing neighbors. Glad to see you back.

vwbug said...

Love the pics and glad to see you back on line!