Friday, August 09, 2013

Mind Like A Chicken!

 I had my appointment with the VA for mty vesting physical, the one where I beg and plead for them to take over my medical care as my monthly pills run half of my income.

 Now I had the paper from the VA, I had a postcard from the VA, both telling me the time, place and date. So I took a long nap, got up and stayed awake the rest of the night so I wouldn't oversleep/

 So, I got there a full half hour before the time, only to discover I was there on the wrong day, I should have been there the day before. Now I have been reading for over sixty years, someone please tell me why I cannot read and understand the dates on, not one but two, printed documents.

 They were kind enough to do my lab work, anyway and one of the ladies told me to go up to the clinic I had been supposed to go and talk to them. The receptionist there told me that I had been rescheduled for about two weeks away. I explained that I was out of around half of my pills and had almost no money.I then proceeded to do some world-class begging, pleading and groveling. She put me in a (rare) weekend slot for tomorrow morning. So I'm going to lie down for a long nap and then stay up until it's time to go to Dallas, again.

 Wish me luck.

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Mrs. Who said...

Wishing you much luck and many, many prayers.