Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stupid Bank. Stupid Government.

So Wednesday I was on my way to the VA Hospital in Dallas to apply for medical care, now that my insurance had changed my monthly pills went from around seventy five bucks a month to somewhere north of four hundred. On the way there I had stopped at the credit union to check out how I could keep track of my balace online the way Linda Lou used to. Well I found out that I cannot do that until I can take a death certificate there so I checked my balance while there, seems that I had two dollars in my account, instead of the seven hundred odd I was supposed to have. Seems that although the social security people put both our monthly deposit in on the day Linda Lou died, they have some way of taking that money back. I'm not sure how that works and that is another thing I cannot check until I get those copies of the death certificate.

 Meanwhile, one of the things I cannot pay is the cell phone bill, along with my TV and internet. I'm not sure how long I'll have the online capability and I only have enough gas in the tank ror a half dozen trips to the nearest small town and library. It might be a pang without the intertoobz and the Western channel.

 Oh well, there's plenty of food in the house and my power bill is paid up, along with the water, with food, A/C and water I'll make it. And there's enough food. I'll be digging into the emergency stash of pork'n'beans, Ramen, tuna and rice, along with the hamburger and chicken in the freezer.

 Assuming I get my medical from the VA I'll have my social security and around three hundred and fifty per month from Linda Lou's pension. That's enough to live on a meager diet and no travel. I'm told that I have a couple of ailments that are presumed service connected for Viet Nam vets so I may eventually get a twenty to forty percent disability pension and that might mean I'll have a nice lower middle class income and, since the house, land and car are all paid for, with my income turning fairly comfortable. Until then, though, I'll be throwing around nickles like they were manhole covers.

 The thing that is most annoying about this is that I was getting used to going to meetings again. Oh well, I'll muddke through, one way or another.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and hang in there, in case we don't hear from you for a while.

pamibe said...

How can they TAKE it BACK? Good grief.

Hang in there! Could the VA help with your meds?